Where should I stay when attending a Joe Raccuia baseball camp?

The La Quinta Inn here in Radford! Ask for the Joe Raccuia Baseball Camp discount and receive your room for $79 a night! You can find their home page here:


How Do I Register For Camp?

Register online by going to www.RadfordBaseballCamps.com.

Who Can I Contact If I Have Camp Questions?

Elliott McCummings

Assistant Coach/Camp Coordinator

Office (540)-831-6578


What Is Our Camp Refund Policy?

We do not offer refunds for cancelled camps. We will however provide you with a camp credit for the amount of the cancelled camps registration fee. This camp credit can be used on a future camp.

Camp credits expire 2 years from the date of the original cancelled camp.

Are There Any Discounts Offered?

Yes! We offer two discount to Youth Campers.
1) Radford Employee Discount - All RU Faculty and Staff will receive a $10 discount for campers who are children or grandchildren
2) Referral Discount - Refer another camper to one of our Youth Camps and receive a $10 reimbursement.

What Forms Are Required For My Child To Participate?

The Medical Waiver form must be completed along with a copy of the front and back of your insurance card.

This can be emailed to jwillard2@radford.edu or presented upon arrival at camp.

Will Meals Be Provided?

Meals will not be provided.

What Items Should My Child Bring to Camp?

Campers are encouraged to bring their own equipment to camp (bat, glove, helmet, catchers gear,etc.). Campers are also encouraged to bring water as well as sunscreen to camp.

Campers are expected to wear baseball/weather appropriate clothing.

Is Lodging Provided?

Lodging not provided for any Joe Raccuia Baseball Camps.

What Hotel Would You Reccomend?

We at Radford Baseball Camps would encourage you to go to the La Quinta Inn Radford when looking for hotel accommodations. You can contact them at 540-633-6800 and tell them you are with Radford Baseball Camps!